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The objective of the course is to:

  • Explain how piping is sized.

  • Identify common piping.

  • Identify common pipe fittings and explain how each is used.

  • Recognize and interpret Plan Views and Elevation Views.

  • Use blueprints and drawings to determine piping configurations, dimensions, and fittings required.

  • Verify materials for a piping installation using different Materials.

  • Identify drawing symbols that are used for common welded, screw, and flanged pipe fittings.

  • Take accurate measurements.

  • Express piping measurements correctly orally and in writing.

  • Identify beginning and ending points of piping measurements.

  • Define the terms "take-off" and "make-up" as they pertain to piping.

  • Calculate fitting take-off and actual pipe lengths required from both blueprints and existing installations.

  • Measure, mark, and cut piping into required lengths.

  • Use a level and a square to correctly install piping.

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